Inuit Arts, Music, Dance and Much More

Inuit culture is a very rich and diverse culture. It’s expressions of art come in many forms and varieties.  Since Inuit have lived in many regions across the north it has created diversity in art forms as well.  Many events over the years particularly in Nunavik have embraced the rhythms and sounds of the fiddle; influenced by French and other European settlers. Lithography over the past fifty years has become a staple medium of many Inuit artists.  The popular music scene has greatly evolved over the last 20-30 years. More and more musical artists are now emerging, seeing great new talents from the north. Technologies like the internet, broadband connections, easier access to communication tools and social networking have created and explosion of new talent over the last few years.
 Other traditional Inuit art forms which evolved completely within Inuit culture such as drumming, drum dance, throat singing and sculpting.   

All of the above offer Inuit ways to share and express their culture, communicate vision and offer a voice to other Inuit and the rest of the world.

Embroidery and sewing is another art form which started from the necessity of being about to make strong durable clothing evolved into adding beautiful beadwork and embroidery into garments.  Many of the intricate artwork takes countless hours of diligence and passion for the craft. The results are truly breathtaking.

The accompanying pages linked from the left side menu under Arts, Song, Music offer a glimpse into some of the many different art forms that Inuit proudly create.