What is Country Food?

Bring a Beluga whale ashore

What is country food?

Country food is the name that Inuit use to describe traditional foods. Country food are things like arctic char, seal meat, whale, caribou etc.  Originally these foods were consumed for day to day survival. Eating what the land and sea provided.

In modern day country foods provide a cultural connection for Inuit that connects family and community and is best shared. Whether in an urban setting or in small northern communities country foods always bring people together and are anticipated at community events. In urban settings, particularly for Inuit living outside the north country food provides a vital cultural connection.

Today Inuit also enjoy new ways to experience country food serving them in news ways as demonstrated in the photo of the Tuktu (caribou) Kabobs.  

In northern communities it is still vital to gather food in traditional ways.

An experienced elder demonstrates techniques of bring this Beluga whale ashore. Many traditional methods inlcuding hunting or fishing are best passed on through hands-on work techniques. It is really the preferred way of passing on necessary skills.

 At an urban Inuit celebration this baby tries Muktuk (whale skin and blubber) for the first time.   Also check out the recipes page.